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Excited to announce that London Red is going Wedding! LR Weddings has started and I’m so excited to be photographing some seriously gorgeous and amazing couples. Its great to get to be apart of couples who are taking such a huge step forward in life, to join hands and journey on life together.

Stay tuned for more!


Daniel Norris

✖️✖️ Pirate Stitches✖️✖️

Daniel Norris, photographed by Sharleen Rydie, London Red, after his surgery. MLB.
Showing the stitches, just days after his surgery, Norris reveals he is cancer free. Photo by Sharleen Rydie/ London Red

I just want to let everyone know how truly honored I am to have photographed this epic moment of @danielnorris18 removing his bandage to show his “wicked stitches” just days after the surgery. 

Daniel asked if I would shoot his success portrait and I couldn’t have been happier. 

This guy is strong and courageous, barely blinking an eye while talking about the surgery.

“Are you squeamish?” He asked me before removing the bandage. “Nope.” I said, smiling, and he removed the white cloth to show his war wounds. 

Daniel has fought for each of his successes with every fiber of his being, keeping God by his side. He deserves all the victories he encounters. “Every mountain has a valley.” He said. With each dream, there is a challenge to face. 

I’m so happy you’re cancer free. There are so many epic adventures, waves to surf, paths to trek and mountains to climb with all of your heroes, Daniel. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for letting me be apart of your story. And for talking even when u could have written notes.
God bless you.

– Sharleen
London Red

[Photograph taken on Daniel’s camera with the magical lens from @ben_moon ]

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No Woman No Cry

I had read a while back that supermodel, Christy Turlington Burns, was making a documentary, but as many things go, time passed and I never looked into the subject further. Today while flipping through a health magazine, I stumbled upon her article and there it was: No Woman No Cry.

Inspired by her own life and post-child birth complications, Turlington set off to Africa and directed her debut documentary called, No Woman No Cry. It’s an inspiring film on the stories of women who have at-rist pregnancies. Starting with the Massai tribe in Tanzania, the film shows lives of women who are faced with extreme trials in giving birth, limited resources and no money or food for the proper medical treatment.

It’s an inspiring film, which will definitely make you think.

To see the first 17 minutes of the film, go to her website, Every Mother Counts. Make sure to pass it on.


++ London Red

Bourbon and Whiskey

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Stephanie Kincheloe is one of my talented friends.

She’s a musician, photographer and jewelry designer.

Keep a lookout for Ranger- her artist name.

Location: Nashville, TN

Who: Stephanie and the Mckellar family [Wonderful people from South Africa]

Arrived in Nashville. Sunday; hillsborough village, twelve south. East Nashville. Frothy monkey, porch swings, open windows, vintage clothes, driving around town, fireflies, lightning bug butts, catching a firefly, shy farmer, gin and lemonade, porch music, sausages and a young Leonardo dicaprio, eyeball necklaces, pear wine, twinkle lights, porch swings, cats crawling through windows, coffee shop journaling, honesty, love of a friend, animal skin rugs, Kiowa. Bourbon and whiskey, here’s to our future summer nights.

A hope that when I return the fireflies will stay and the summer will never end.

A Lakeside Afternoon

The sun was hazily shining through the afternoon sky. Peeking in and out through the layers of clouds. The water became choppy in the late October’s afternoon, but there was still a warmth to the water. We sipped on beers by the dock and watched the motorboats fly by, creating an obscene amount of wake, rocking the dock back and forth.

We counted down and dove into the water, a splash of cold awakening filled our senses. We lay upon the floating rafts in the water. Pipe smoking and fire crackling at night. Native American Tales and starry night skies.

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